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Some Updates

Hey guys,

Now that the holiday chaos is packed up and put back into its storage bins for another year and the littles are back in school, I have time to sit and let you all in on a few updates. I am moving my blog over to this main website. It’s gotten to be more difficult to maintain both over the years, so I am working on archiving the old posts over here.

* The YA Scream Queens blog, where I post under my other pen name Sarah Jude, is up and running. If you want an insider’s look at the YA horror scene with up and coming YA women of horror, this is the place to be. We have posts on tropes, writing horror, movies, author interviews, giveaways. It’s really a rather spooky but awesome place to be.

* Also, I will be posting from time to time at The BookYArd, a new group blog made up of other soon-to-debut YA authors. We’ll be sharing the excitement of our debut year and trying to let potential readers know about our upcoming novels.

* My WiP is now going strong. I’ve been derailed a few times when my private life went to shambles. My daughter was very sick at the end of last year and was in and out of the hospital. She had surgery and a number of complications so that she was home-schooled for a while. She is doing better now, and I am grateful for the thoughts, prayers, and well wishes my family received during what was a rough time. And now it’s time to make words on the little murder book my agent calls “a killer concept.”

* Working on A MURDER OF MAGPIES and its sequel. I’ve had the storyline for MAGPIES 2 in my head for years. YEARS. I’ve now got a Pinterest board where I’m beginning to storyboard and conceptualize, which means the writing time is drawing closer. Sometime this year, there will be a cover reveal for A MURDER OF MAGPIES and if you are a blogger interested in featuring the cover, you can join in by emailing my publisher.

* Vertigo. Yep, still there and still a daily struggle. I have good days and bad days. The good days I’m very grateful for.

So that’s in a nutshell what’s been going on. Hope to see some of you this summer and fall as I start making rounds with A MURDER OF MAGPIES!